Private Villa Architectural Design [English Only]

Private villa, Zagreb, Croatia, project by DVA Arhitekta; photo Marko Jukic

A precious cladding solution for a diamond-shaped home

In a residential area of Zagreb, Croatia, a new luxury villa of postmodern style is capturing attention due to its asymmetric shape and its astonishing white cladding made entirely in Corian® solid surface. Conceived by Croatian architectural practice DVA Arhitekta, the villa reinterprets the original size and shape of the owner’s former home. The new building is also protected from moisture and weathering agents by DuPont Tyvek® underlay.

The design of the residential villa is based on the shape of diamonds. With their straight lines and dynamic intersections, the walls and the pitched roof of the building resemble the facets of this precious stone. The homogeneous surface of the building is interrupted only by wide, irregularly placed windows and by large niches that provide space for balconies.

To enhance the particular shape of the villa, DVA Arhitekta chose a complete exterior cladding solution made with Corian® solid surface. The architects selected Corian® for its functional qualities: scratch-resistance, ease of cleaning and repairability. They also required a material with colour-fastness that could achieve an all white skin for the building, even at the cladding edges.

DVA Arhitekta, in collaboration with Slovenian company Reflex (by their subsidiary in Croatia), specialises in ventilated façade systems and specifically developed the affixing structures for fastening Corian® exterior cladding to the building. A system of U-shaped steel brackets allows the panels of Corian® to be individually mounted and dismounted, facilitating inspection or other interventions.

Between the Corian® cladding and the inner structural walls of the villa, an underlay of DuPont Tyvek® Solid offers protection from moisture and weathering agents.

The combination of Corian® and DuPont Tyvek® will provide long lasting performance and aesthetic quality to the buildings, ensuring that this Mediterranean home will retain its value for years to come.

About DVA Arhitekta – Zagreb based DVA Arhitekta architectural practice was founded in 1992 by architects Tomislav Ćurković and Zoran Zidarić. Focusing their architectural projects on residential villas and apartment homes, they also create commercial and industrial buildings as well as residential and commercial interiors.

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