Retail Store Design Ideas: Sony [English Only]

The Sony store used Corian® solid surface to implement retail store design ideas.

James Mansour, Project Director, Mansour Design


  • Redesigning flagship stores to reflect Sony’s brand leadership in design and technology
  • Needed unique, “high-touch” interactive fixtures that create a modern and inviting retail experience
  • Existing fixtures required consistent replacement due to wear and tear


  • Developing store elements that would be stylish, visually-stimulating and durable
  • Finding surface materials that enhanced presentation of Sony products while encouraging interaction
  • Creating customised surfaces with textural variety and depth


  • Corian® solid surface provided a high-end, distinctive look that’s durable and renewable
  • Thermo-forming process allowed for organic, aerodynamic designs
  • The warmth of Corian® surfaces encouraged visitors to interact


  • Corian® versatility allows endless coordinated surfaces with thermoforming, texturing, backlighting and curving

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