Börlind City Spa [Englis Only]

Boerlind City Spa, Milan, Italy, project by Burk Architekten; photo courtesy of Boerlind

Börlind City Spa in Milan: a new standard for well-being with a fluid and elegant design made with Corian® solid surface

In the heart of Milan’s exclusive Garibaldi area, the renown natural cosmetics company Annemarie Börlind has opened their first Börlind City Spa in Corso Como. With this new spa, designed by Burk Architekten, the German cosmetics company wanted to underline its philosophy on product presentation, by emphasising the products themselves, not their packaging. The project reflects a design choice that combines traditional materials such as stone with the innovation and thermoform-ability offered by Corian® solid surface. Corian® plays a central role in this exclusive environment, offering great flexibility and infinite possibilities for Börlind’s product display.

The floor space of the two-level spa is reminiscent of the typical long and narrow commercial structures of this area of the city in the 1800’s. Burk Architekten developed plasmic and undulating styles to confer stimulating and original solutions, creating from a dark, narrow space, a versatile and luminous environment that communicates a sense of purity.

Moser GmbH in Haslach, Germany, founded in 1955, is known for its high quality work and craftsmanship with Corian® solid surface for many years, and provides high-tech installations for some of Europe’s leading companies. A member of the Corian® Quality Network, Moser developed and installed the elements with Corian® solid surface - an important contribution.

The primary design element of the spa is the long wall made with Corian® solid surface in Cameo White. Distinguished by two back-lit panels, its sinuous composition includes an undulating series of panels in different shapes and sizes - the real protagonist of the space. Besides delivery a powerful visual effect, the panels are layered in such a way as to provide horizontal surfaces for the display of cosmetic products. The facing wall is covered in stone and hides the drawers used for the storage of its packaged commercial products. The transparent Plexiglas shelves insert within the stone panels to create a sophisticated luminous touch which complements the translucency of the Corian® material.

The flow and shadows created by the Corian® panelling invite the public towards the rear of the spa, where a stairway leads to the floor below. The end wall, continuously connecting the two floors, shows the large image of the Black Forest, a reference to both the natural essence of the country of origin and of the product offering.

The lower level is a personalised, elegant and highly exclusive space. In the corridor a monitor incorporated into a Corian® wall allows clients to view all services available for their well-being.

The countertops and sinks are also made with Corian® solid surface. These take advantage of the material’s durability and ease of maintenance. In contrast to the design on the ground floor, the use of Corian® on the lower level is simple and linear, simplifying the important activities of cleaning and maintenance essential for a spa. A nonporous material, Corian® is ideal for environments that demand high levels of easy maintenance and it provides unlimited design opportunities for large or small spaces.

Although it is situated in the heart of a busy city, The Börlind City Spa guarantees well-being and relaxation with this elegant and luxurious design.

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